A Tradition of Leadership in Service
to Chemistry and the Community

For 125+ years, the New York ACS has served the science of chemistry, chemists and the greater community with distinction. 
About the New York Local Section
To be a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among those interested in the Chemical Sciences in ways that promote individual and professional excellence in the Chemical Community

1. New York Section will increase membership and participation of chemical scientists working in industry.
2. New York Section will expand collaborative activities with local chapters of other professional societies in the New York region to enhance the interdisciplinary boundaries of chemistry.
3. New York Section will develop and utilize advanced technology to enhance professional activities and services for our members.
4. New York Section will foster activities and programs to improve the public's recognition and appreciation of the contributions of chemistry.
5. New York Section will promote the development of programs and services to improve the scientific literacy and interest of students. 6. New York Section will facilitate the career development of professionals in the Chemical Sciences.
7. New York Section will encourage participation and leadership by women and underrepresented minorities.

The New York Section of the American Chemical Society will be the premier membership organization for chemists, chemical engineers, and allied professionals in the New York metropolitan area and a leader in advancing the public's scientific literacy and appreciation of chemistry. 
Award-Winning Service
The excellent service of our member volunteers to the community, the science of chemistry and chemists has been recognized with the 2020 ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Performance by a Local Section (Very Large Size).
This is the latest accolade for our 125+ year tradition of excellence. 
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