Academic Integrity in the Online Era
The New York Local Section offered a two-part webinar series in Spring 2021 focused on Academic Integrity in the Online Era.  The first part centered on Creative Ideas for Assessment with Academic Integrity. It featured four talks and breakout rooms.  The recorded talks and the breakout room reports are given below:

     Various Assessment Strategies presented by Patricia Muisener, Ph.D.
     Multi-faceted Assessment Approach presented by Matthew Tracey, Ph.D.
     Animated Lectures presented by Bruce Jacobson, Ph.D.
     Virtual Oral Exam presented by Amy Kabrhel, Ph.D.

The second part centers on Platforms and Pedagogy and will feature the following talks followed by breakout rooms for discussion.
     Respondus presented by Daniel Amarante, Ph.D.
     Proctor U  presented by Kathleen Krisitan, Ph.D.
     Academic Integrity vs. Google and Chegg  presented by Kevin Kolack, Ph.D.
     Chegg's Honor Shield presented by Shallee Page, Ph.D.