Celebrating Chemists

2019 Nichols Medalist Prof. Vicki Grassian
The New York Local Section of the ACS proudly celebrates excellence in chemistry from chemical educators, our dedicated volunteers and world-class chemical researchers. 
Awards Granted by the New York Section
The New York Section proudly presents awards to encourage excellence by students, educators, volunteers and researchers in the field of chemistry.  High School and College-level educators are honored for their contribution to the teaching of chemistry.  Annually an individual volunteer is recognized for their dedication, hard-work and impact on the Section's activities.  The William H. Nichols Award honors an outstanding contribution in the field and was the first award authorized by the American Chemical Society. It is presented annually at the Section's premier event. Individual Subsections honor chemistry students within their geographical area.  Learn more about each award's recipients below:

The New York Section also supports undergraduate students via an annual contribution to  the ACS Scholars Program.  In 2017, the New York Section endowed an ACS Scholar in the name of its distinguished member  Eli Pearce who served as ACS President in 2002.   
ChemLuminary Awards
The excellent service of our member volunteers to the community, the science of chemistry and chemists has been recognized with a number of ChemLuminary Awards over the years.  Shown at left is the 2018 Chemists with Disabilities Inclusion ChemLuminary Award.
Award Winning Service by the New York Section
The leadership and service provided by the members of the New York Section to the American Chemical Society, its members and the greater community have been recognized for their excellence.  These awards are presented to the New York Section on behalf of its volunteers, and to its members, they include: