College Chemistry Teaching Awards
In 2018, the New York Section inaugurated three awards to honor the dedication of college faculty in training the next generation of chemistry professionals.  These awards will be presented annually to recognize highly effective teaching and inspirational leadership by chemistry faculty within the New York Section. Individual eligibility for each of the three awards listed below is based on the faculty member's institutional affiliation type.

Nominations Welcomed
Nominations for the Chemistry Faculty teaching awards are being accepted at this time.  Each nomination should include the following:
  • the nominee's CV including a list of publications, students' oral and poster presentations and other evidence of students' involvement
  • up to three letters of support from supervisors, associates or local section members' evaluation of the nominee's achievements as a teacher
These documents should demonstrate the nominee's
  • Quality of teaching
  • Research productivity
  • Departmental/college service including course development work
  • Ability to challenge and inspire students
  • Awards
Nominations are due October 15, 2021.  Nominees need not be a member of the American Chemical Society.  The College Teachers Awards Committee of the New York Secton will review the nominees.  Unsuccessful nominations will be kept active for a period of three years and may be updated.

Submit nominations via email to the Office Administrator by October 15, 2021.
Outstanding 2-Year                Outstanding 4-Year                Outstanding 4-Year
College Chemistry Teacher  Undergraduate Teacher        Graduate Teacher

Dr. Abel Navarro                          Dr. Gina Florio                           Dr. Gerard (Ged) Parkin
Borough of Manhattan               St. John's University                Columbia University
Community College

Dr. Paris Svoronos                        Dr. JaimeLee I. Rizzo               Dr. Brian R. Gibney
Queensborough Community    Pace University                        Brooklyn College &
College                                                                                              The Graduate Center