Westchester Distinguished Scientist Award
Established in 1991, the Westchester Chemical Society Distinguished Scientists Award is presented annually to recognize a scientist who resides or works in Westchester County and who has distinguished himself/herself in chemical industry or academia. 

Shown at left is 2020 Awardee George A. Policello of Momentive Performance Materials.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and attendant restrictions, no award was granted for 2020 but George A. Policello has been carried forward to be the 2021 awardee.

The ceremony will be held May 12, 2021.  Download the flyer for the details.  
Distinguished Scientist  Awardee
2021    Dr. George A. Policello                                                     1999 John C. McGiff
 & 2020  Momentive Performance Materials                                       New York Medical College
2020  Not presented due to COVID-19 restrictions                1998  Stephen D. Pastor                  
2019   Dr. Louis Massa                                                                             Ciba Speciality Chemical Corporation
            Hunter College                                                                  1997  David N. Rahni   
2018  Dr. Eugene Mananga                                                                   Pace University
           Bronx Community College                                               1995  John Weisburger          
2017  Dr. Jon Friedrich                                                                            American Health Foundation
           Fordham University                                                            1994  Soldano Ferrone        
2016  Stephen Cooke, Ph.D.                                                                   New York Medical College
           Purchase College - SUNY                                                 1993 Dietrich Hoffman
2015 Kenrick M. Lewis, Ph.D.                                                                American Health Foundation
          Momentive Performance Materials                                   1992  Lubomyr Romankiw
2014  Dr. James J. Wynne                                                                        IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
           IBM T.J. Watson Research Center                                     1991  Edward Hedaya
2013  Dr. Sunghee Lee                                                                             Bayer/Miles Inc.
           Iona College
2012  Dr. Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, MD, Ph.D.
           New York Medical College
2011  Dr. Assieh Alexy Melikian
           New York University, School of Medicine
2010  Dr. Michael S. Wolin
           New York Medical College
2009  Dr. Thomas Hintze
           New York Medical College
2008  Dr. David Fairhurst
           Colloid Consultants Ltd.
2007Dr. Mary Cowman
          Polytechnic University
2006Dr. Richard M. Goodman
          RMG Consulting
2005 Dr. Gary M. Williams
          New York Medical College
2004 Sr. Mary Virginia Orna
          College of New Rochelle
2003 Shantu Amin
          American Health Foundation
2002 Paul Beckett
           Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
2001  Anne T. O'Brien
           American Cyanamide/Lederle/Wyeth
2000 Paul Barkan
          Westchester Community College
This annual award consists of an engraved ACS plaque and is presented at a special meeting of the Westchester Chemical Society.  A call for nominations appears in the November and December issues of The Indicator. Eligible individuals are scientists of stature that reside or work in Westchester County , New York .

For more information, please contact the Westchester Chemical Society Chairs Dr. Paul Dillon and Dr. Rolande Hodel